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Top 10 Reasons to Love The Life List Planner

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The Life List Planner is already becoming one of the hottest items and must-haves this 2017 because of its unique and new systems in setting your goals, working on your to-do list, and even taking down notes! Still not convinced? We’re giving you the top 10 reasons why you’ll love  the Life List Planner as your partner in maximizing your productivity and achieving your goals this 2017!

  1. Unboxing Moment Like No Other
  2. For some, smelling the pages and feeling the paper of a newly-bought book can be the most exhilarating feeling. If you can relate, imagine the same happiness and excitement once you receive your first Life List planner. Beautifully packaged in a dated Keepsake box printed in gold foil, and protectively wrapped in bubble film, your first encounter with The Life List Planner will take you back to your fondest memories right outside your favorite bookstore. The box that will contain all the memories you'll create in 2017 is already in your hands—go ahead and open it!

  3. Something You'll Be Proud to Carry Around
  4. The Life List Planner is the only notebook you will need andwill want to carry around in your meetings, trainings, workshops, and manymore! With its stylish design and sleek, glossy cover, you’ll be turning headsin that coffee shop or meeting room full of store-bought planners. You are, after all, carrying the first locally-made, high-end planner that bears your name on the cover. You’ve got it, flaunt it!

  5. Central Place for Everything
  6. The Life List Planner is your central system for everything. Maximizing all its 7 sections, you wouldn't need a separate calendar (which may cost around Php200.00), a notebook for your meetings (PhP300.00), blank sheets for your ideas (Php200.00), a journal to reflect about your weeks, months, and year (Php500.00), and another notebook for your personal and work-related to-do list (Php300.00). Imagine the money and time you'll save, and the amount of stress too, because now you wouldn't have to keep different notebooks and look for notes that you forgot where you wrote down.

  7. Access to a New System: The Life List System
  8. The Life List System is your main to-do list for both your work and personal life. It is where you'll list down all the things you need to do and want to do. List everything that bothers you—that way, your mind can focus on one single task which can result to a higher quality of work, better scheduling, and greater efficiency. Being able to impress the people around you by showing them that you're on top of everything is priceless!

  9. Confidence You Can’t Buy
  10. Waking up in the morning knowing the things you need to do, you will carry the same confidence all throughout the day. Nothing can be more reassuring than knowing that you're not forgetting anything, and that you are on top of the things that needs to be done. Whether it’s a new task, a follow-up, or a nice-to-have, you're confident that you can handle it because you have The Life List Planner with you to help you keep track of everything and prioritize things according to their importance and urgency.

  11. Life List Planner Community Access
  12. By buying The Life ListPlanner, you will also get access to a community of high-achieving individuals like you. In the Life List Community, we aim to motivate you to push harder in achieving your goals with Instagram posts showing your progress week by week, articles and guides on how you can maximize your productivity and achieve your goals, and a private Facebook group with like-minded women that can be your accountability buddies in pushing harder and farther in achieving your goals.

  13. Goal Achievement
  14. Your dreams are priceless. Maybe they would cost you millions to achieve them one by one but having an actual tool and a system to make your dreams achievable, a community of like-minded individuals to motivate you and push you to move forward week by week, is worth more than the cost of the actual planner. This planner has weekly, monthly, and annual check on how you are progressing and how you're achieving your goals while still being able to be on top of the things you need to do, as well as your daily personal and work to-do lists.

  15. Time Tracker
  16. Imagine how much money you can really save if you can track where you spend it? Time, likewise, is money. Unaware how much time you're wasting on Facebook and other low-impact tasks? Now, with The Life List Planner, you will be guided as to where to better spend your time and energy. Track where you spend your time and see how much you're losing or gaining with every task you complete throughout the day.

  17. A Box of Keepsakes
  18. The Life List Planner is the only planner that comes in a box labeled with its corresponding year. Imagine being able to look back and reminisce your year—the movie tickets of your first date, your promotion letter—all the small details! All of those mementos can be stored in your keepsake box so you can have all your memories in one place. Put it in your shelf and refer back anytime you wish to relive your best highlights and moments.

  19. Year-end Reflection
  20. The Life List Planner has you covered all throughout the year. From the goal-achievement worksheets that will help you start the year right, to the year-end reflection planner to help you assess your year when it comes to a close, you can count on The Life List Planner to help you align your dreams, goals, visions in life, and the things you do to help you become the person you want to be.

The Life List Planner is not just sheets of dated paper to write your schedule and plan your days on. It is a goal-achievement and productivity tool that will be your partner in checking off all your to-dos, achieving all your dreams, and becoming the person you’ve always dreamed to be.  Click here to order your Life List Planner now.

The Life List Planner has already been featured in Spot.PHClick the City, Cosmo PHOnewomanshop,  and Mega Magazine (Holiday Gift Guide - November Issuer).