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Have you ever had that feeling of knowing that you have an endless list of things to do, just thinking about it already drained your energy?

Don't know how to finish all of them, let alone where to start?

Life List Planner Story Life List Planner Story Life List Planner Story Life List Planner Story Life List Planner Story Life List Planner Story Life List Planner Story

I had a lot of those moments. But first, let me introduce myself and what I do.

I am Yohanne Zapata, and I am the creator of The Life List Planner. I run 4 brands all related to design and printing. Now, my newest brand, dedicated to my late mom Mariclaire Tumbali-Zapata, Clara Paperie, with its first product, The Life List Planner.

With all the information that comes in on a daily basis, I needed to have something to help me organize all of it otherwise I will forget most of them which will end up in confusion, worry, and a lot of stress afterwards.

That is how the Life List Planner was born.


With everything that needs to be done in a day, I find listing them down in one central place and being able to strike them off one by one is really satisfying and you'll really feel accomplished. I have been doing that for more than 3 years now, not realizing that not only have I collected a lot of notebooks, but I have already created a system for myself to organize the things that need to be done, all my thoughts in one place, so I can focus and be fully present on what I am currently doing, and a system to plan my days.

Last year, I decided to finally create a notebook with the format on how I usually write and plan my list and my days. The notebook is personalized with my name and because it's one central place where I put all my notes, to-do's, and goals, I always bring it around. A lot of people get interested in it, first because it has my name on it, second because the format is different, and third, because there are a lot of highlighted lines in it. Whenever I explain the system behind the notebook I am using, they get amazed and wants to try it also to see if it will work for them too.

According to a renowned author Brian Tracy, people who love to plan are born with an extraordinary potential for success and happiness. We are future-oriented and we think about where we are going and how we can go there. Imagine you have no limitations in what you can be or do and imagine the steps you can do today to create the future you want to have. Be action-oriented, overcome challenges and achieve your goals with the Life List Planner.


Being a web and graphic designer and an entrepreneur in the printing industry, what I only have is the system, the eye for design, and the expertise in printing. I don't really know anything about the market, journals and the other specialty planners diffirent individuals use. In bringing this planner to life, I conducted surveys from different planner groups all over the world to understand the essentials of building an effective planner. The initial survey which was released on May 2016 was all about understanding the makret. I also ran a poll in August 2016 to different groups to even help me decide on the name of the planner.

The 2017 Life List Planner is proudly hand-made in the Philippines and will be shipped globally starting November 18, 2016. We will only be releasing 100 pcs per color so reserve your copy now. This is also a great gift idea for those who want to give the Gift of Time and Productivity to your loved ones.


I hope that the Life List Planner will help a lot of individuals achieve their goals, maximize their productivity, identify life’s challenges, overcome roadblocks, and help them become the person they want to be. I hope that all the members of the #lifelistplanner community will help motivate each other in pushing further for your goals, not giving up in times of trouble, and picking your self up and starting over in times of failure.


To everyone who helped me turn this dream into reality, please accept my gratitude. This would all not be possible without your help.

Litrato ni Donny, Journal and Planners Enthusiasts of the Philippines,,, and especially to My Tumbzap Printhouse Family, Tumbali and Zapata Family, My Homies (EJ Patacsil, Josh Aniversario, Lizzie Tianco, and Frimcel Ayalin), Angelo Esguerra, My Father Chitoy Zapata, and Sister Lara Unika Zapata.

Again, let The Life List Planner help you achieve your goals and maximize your productivity this 2017.

Thank you!

Yohanne Zapata